What a day and a half I have had. I sat down yesterday to do some work on my computer. I turned on my computer and it would not boot up. I tried everything. I turned on. I turned it off. I tried to bring it up in safe mode - Nothing! I could not get any picture to come on. Now what!! I backed up my book on another drive but that copy is several days old and I have made changes and saved to my computer but I have not backed that file to an external source. I called one computer repair service and they wanted an arm and a leg. I called a second one and they wanted two arms and two legs. then I remembered I knew someone who repairs computer for a living. I called him today and he said no problem and the cost was much more reasonable. He came and picked up the computer and by the evening it was all fixed. I have learned my lesson. I will be backing up my file each and every time I make a change.