Did you know everyone is creative in their own way. Everyone has special talents. Sometimes they do not even know they have them. We can become so obsorbed in our daily lives that we fail to take a time out and explore other aspects of our mental capacity. Sometimes 'noise' metaphor for our daily lives gets in the way of us exploring. Maybe we are a good listener and friend, maybe we are a great volunteer, could be we are good with our hands. But you never know until you take a time out to find out what you enjoy and what brings joy to others that we possess and can share. I have worked over half my live starting at age 18. Then I was busy raising a family and working two jobs to support us. Now that I am older I have the opportunity to step back and not be mad at what I may have missed but be happy to explore what still can be. Making music came to me late in life. Exploring different creative endeavors is just now coming into my life. I have been playing music for over 8 years but only recently have I started writing a few songs. I have always wanted to work with my hands but I have always had a mental capacity to use my brain in business oriented work. Now I am enjoying creating stain glass pieces that a few years ago I would not have thought of doing. I hope everyone who reads this will also explore their inner self and see what great things you posses within you.