Today was a good day for woring on marketing of the book and myself as the author. There is so much work that has to be done before the book is published and available for sale. One of the things I did today was to create a business card for myself. The card is factual with information about the website and the email address for contacting me. I plan on starting to hand these out along with the book mark that I previously created as a marketing tool. The cost to print these are minimal but I am hoping they will help to build interest for the book. All of the actions I am doing have given me the encouragement to continue to talk about my new book. While I am not by nature an extrovert all of this is helping me to open up and present myself as an author. I never in my life ever dreamed I will someday take this kind of turn in my life. I am enjoying all of the marketing I am working on as I bring my book to life. I hope everyone continues to wish me luck in this endeavor. So far everyone I have spoken to concerning my book has been very encouraging.