Today is an okay day. After being up from getting the book completed and launching the presale to having some interest in me doing a speaking engagement, I am a little bit more on the meloncholy side. Today I am struggling with more fear and trepidation. Will the book be successful, will people like it, will they recommend it to their friends? So many questions without a lot of answers. I have to learn to slow down a little and not try to do this at full throttle each and every day. I have to understand that some days will be better then others and that I need to focus on the small steps and stop trying for the giant leaps. This blog is helping me to better understand myself and allows me to express my feelings not only for me to see but anyone else who is interested in following my blog. It is helping me to understand the whole process and look at what I am doing in pieces but at the same time to step back and look at the bigger picture. I am truly in this for the long haul and I have a lot of great adventures planned for Homer and I have to realize they will happen down the road!