Today was a rainy day. It started early this morning and was still raining into the evening. Tomorrow the cold front is supposed to move through and drop the temperatures for a few days. Usually when it rains we will get a large amount of rain over a short periiod of time. But today it was more of a soaking rain. This means it rained consistently for a long period of time which allowed the rain to soak into the ground and not run off. This is sort of like the tortuise and the hare. Today's rain was more like the tortuise. Being steady has its rewards. A good soaking allows the ground a chance retain all of the water and not have it run off. Writing can be a lot like a good soaking rain. Being steady and consistent I believe allows you to really understand the process and develop your book or story that will in the long run be a better book. I like thinking about what I am trying to do or accomplish and then let it soak in for awhile before trying to write the actual story.