Our reputation is very important to us. We work very hard to develop our reputation. It is a reflection of who we are. Most of strive to develop a reputation that we can be proud of. Today I was around many of my friends while attending church. After church I went up to tell some of them about being a struggling author and passing out my bookmark with my book title and my author's website address. Afterwards I was thinking wow I am talking about myself and what I was doing. In fact I was putting my reputation out there for everyone to see. I think it is different passing out information about yourself to people you do not know but it is another thing when you are giving it your friends and people you have known for years. Personally I felt good because I am proud of what I accomplished. I felt humbled and honored sharing my accomplishment with my friends. It made me realize that like Homer overcoming obstacles, I am overcoming my self doubts that my book is something to be proud of and that I have a right to share it.