Today was our annual Jam N Que at Ft. Christmas Park. Several years ago three strangers from Central Florida met through a dulcimer website. Having a common interest to promote the mountain dulcimer they met to devise a plan for bringing people together who have the single interest of playing the dulcimer. I was one of those three people. The other two are now my good friends Della and John. You can see John's handiwork by going to the Florida Sunshine Dulcimer society website. I have a link on the dulcimer related site page. Della has been the main catalist bringing the three of us together. Today was our fourth jam and our third annual jam. We hold the event the fourth saturday in September. Everyone is welcome and I hope some of you will consider attending next year. This is our opportunity to promote the mountain dulcimer and to offer a chance for fellowship surrounded by music and barbeque. All levels of players are welcome. Just like Homer is welcoming to new people he meets our Jam N Que offers the same open friendship.