The Holiday are so much fun yet when you are trying to market your self of your product it can be difficult. I have made several contacts concerning Homer but each person asked that I get back with them after the holidays as they are tied up with activities at this time of year. So while I wait for the new year to come so I can go out in full force and do marketing I am still going out and making contacts on a daily basis. What I do today will bare fruit tomorrow. If I do not do anything today then I cannot be rewarded in the future. I need to make sure that my focus is on only one goal - to make Homer a success. To this end I will continue to be single-minded. I hope to be able to blog in the future on how my actviites today have impacted this goal in the future. See you all next year. Happy New Year everyone. I have an annoucement about what I have been working on recently. I will blog about it in the next few days.