I can't believe it has been awhile since I have posted on my blog. So much has happened in the past several months. I was qquite ill in November and spent 12 days in the hospital over Thanksgiving. I became ill while attending the Dulcimer Retreat at White Springs, Florida. It has taken me awhile to recuperate and I am finally starting to feel 100% better. In February we attended the Mt. Dora Dulcimer and Autoharp festival. We acquired a wonderful new instrument called an Angel Wing Harp made by John Williams. It has 15 strings and is tuned to DAA just like a dulcimer. Speaking of dulcimers I recently acquired a Warren May Dulcimer that was builit in 1995. It is also tuned to DAA so Sweet Strings is working on using these two instruments in our duet performances. Look for more news on that down the road.