Homer's Arts and Crafts 

  Here you will find hand made items for sale that are related to the Mountain Dulcimer. We hope you like what you see. 

                                                                 Comfort Bags

Check out the latest addition to the family - Comfort Bags to protect your dulcimer! The type, style and color of the bag will vary based on availability of material. The bags can be made from quilting on both sides or you can have quilting on the inside and a different material on the outside. We can even add extra padding in between the two layers of material. You can have the bag made with or without a carrying strap. We can also make bags to carrry your dulcimer tab books!

If you are interested in having a Comfort Bag handmade for you send us an e-mail and we will get back with you. Our Email address is dfwaldropdulcimerstories@yahoo.com

We can even make a bag for your ginger dulcimer or Ukelele. Any instrument that you want to Comfort we can hand make it for you.

Coming soon:

                               Comfort my Electric Headless Bass Bag

                               Comfort Seat - Cushion for folding metal chairs



                   Be sure to include the dimensions in inchies - Length and Circumference at widest point of dulcimer for Comfort Bag


                                                               Price List 

Comfort Bag for Mountain Dulcimer                                                             $30.00 

Comfort Tote Bag                                                                                      $10.00 

Comfort Music Stand Tote                                                                          $10.00

Comfort Pick Bag                                                                                       $  3.00

Comfort HD Hammer's Bag                                                                         $  3.00

                                         (Order your Comfort Bag with or without a carrying strap)                           

                                                            (Order your Comfort Bag with or without a carrying strap)                                                                                                              additional insulation add $5.00 to price 

                                                                              Shipping cost will be added to all purchases 


                                                                                 Stain Glass

Coming Soon:

We are working on creating handmade Stain Glass Dulcimer items for sale. There are many uniquie stain glass creations that can be made showcasing the wonderful mountain dulcimer. We hope to have a varity of items available for you to select from. Each one will be unique with different colors of glass and designs and patterns. Below is an example of the unique one of a kind stain glass dulcimers we hope to have available soon on the Arts and Crafts page.

Now you see the stain glass dulcimer after the soldering has been completed. This piece can be used as a stain glass panel. You can attach a chain and hang it up and down as you see it here. You can also turn the panel on the side and hang it sideways as well. You can even use the panel as the top of a box. Prices would vary depending if you want a panel to hang or a decorative box to put on your table.

If you are interested in acquiring a one of a kind Stain Glass Dulcimer send an Email to dfwaldropdulcimerstories@yahoo.com. I would be happy to create something just for you!