It important that for anything you do in life that you have a good foundation on which to build that life. I feel that foundation starts with a good education. Students should be well versed in the basic skills needed for life. A good grasp on grammer, spelling, math, and science. While you may not think you use this knowledge in your adult life, you find that you use it every day. Speaking correctly - grammer shows that you respect the person with whom you are speaking. You also show that you understand the relationship between words. Spelling is important because it shows you are concerned with how you communicate. There is nothing wrong with using a dictionary when writing out a letter or communication. Math is important because no matter what you may do as an adult you will use math every day. You may have to verify the hours on your timecard. You may have to calculate how much paint is needed to paint a wall. You may have to verify the change you get back from the cashier is correct. So I highly recommend that a student work on the foundations necessary for adulthood. The rest will take care of itself.