Homer the dulcimer is all about music. He loves to play and entertain. He goes to as many dulcimer and music events that he can. It makes him happy when the music makes people smile. I have tried to show this in my writings. In Homer's newest adventure 'Dulcimer Campfire' there are many different songs listed that everyone plays. In particular there are four songs that I chose to put in the book with the lyrics. Of course, there had to be Homer's favorite song 'Liza Jane'. I have also include a hymn that I used as a thanksgiving anthem for one of the meals. One of my favorite songs is included with the permission of the author but you will have to wait to see which song that one is. The last song is one that Homer writes as part of his solving the mystery within the story. This is not the first song that Homer has written. In 'Dulcimer X'ing' Homer wrote one for his pet rooster when he got injured. I hope the stories, my characters and my love of the mountain dulcimer bring you joy and happiness as you read my books.