I have been going in so many different directions in the past several months. Dulcimer Campfire is out and I have been promoting the book. I have been working on my music and attending several festivals. Our duet Sweet Strings has been practicing and we actually have a gig coming up where we can promote ourselves and everything Homer! I am excited that this whole esperience just keeps growing. I love the instrument. I love the music and I am happy that I can do both. When you find something that you really like to do it is importatnt that you just do it and not sit on the sidelines. You may not always be good at what you do but you can only get better if your practice and have confidence in what you are doing. The rest will follow. So sometime in the future you may find my books in a bookstore or online and you may see an advertisement for some duet named Sweet Strings. If you do I hope you pick up the book and read it and if you can come hear us play that would also be wonderful.