1: Warren A May Hourdrop dulcimer 1995

2: At Barberville Spring Fling with Dulcimer Xing

3: Executive Chef George W. Weber

4: Playing on the banks of the Suwannee River 

5: Dulcimer X'ing available at Cousin Thelma's Gift Shop

6: Cruisin' with the Grandkids

7: Carillon Tower at Steven Foster State Park

8: Bulow Plantation Sugar Ruins

9: Sugar Ruins New Symrna Beach

10: Osceola County Fair Indoor Stage

11: Osceola County Fair Indoor Stage II

12: Osceola County Fair Outdoor Stage

13: Jon Angelo Waldrop - Happy New   Year Baby 2010

14: Homer's Miniature Dulcimer Collection

15: Nativity Collection    

16: Book Release Party at Yalaha Bakery 12/13/09

17: Yalaha Bakery, Yalaha, Fl

18: Yalaha Bakery Sign, Yalaha, Fl         

19: Helen, Ga

20: Mary Cox & Terry Lewis jamming at Unicoi State Park

21: Bruce Ford playing at Unicoi State Park

22: New Babyland Hospital (Cabbage Patch Dolls) 

23: LEAD Players

24: Jam'n'que by John Morgan 

25: Ft. Christmas

26: Members of Everything Dulcimer (ED)

27: Donnelly House, Mt. Dora, Fl

28: Playing on the lawn of the Donnelly House for the Christmas walk

29: Dulcimer Crossing Sign - Inspiration for my book title

30: Some of the 'BEST' dulcimer players in the business.