I would like to offer my books to your organization as a book sale - fundraiser. I want to encourage children to read and experience new things. Learning about a new instrument is a wonderful way to expand a child's horizon. Dulcimer X'ing encouraged Homer to never give up. I would like to impart that to our youth as well. If at first you do not succeed, get up and try again. The book teaches that not everything you do will result in being number one the first time you try. But persistence can make you better and I want to encourage that kind of behavior. Secondly, I want to make my book available to new readers who might walk by a book self. I want to encourage them to read and experience different types of books. Third, I want your organization to have an opportunity to earn money to purchase items that you may not have been able to do. Now there are three different adventures about Homer the dulcimer  to choose from, Dulcimer X'ing, Dulcimer Campfire, or Dulcimer Reunion. You could choose one, two, or all three. There is also the ccokbook - Recipes from the Personal Handwritten Files of Chef George W. Weber. This gives you four different books to choose.


The book sale - fundraiser would have no cost to your organization. I would offer the children's books at the price of $10.00. Your organization would keep $3.00 of each book sold. The cookbook price would be $15.00 and your organization would keep $4.50. This is Thirty Percent (30%) of the price of the book. Nothing could be easier then that. Now the more you order then you would receive a premium on top of the 30%. If you sell 100 or more books then you will receive an additional 5% premium. Sell 300 books or more the premium would be 7.5 %. If you sell 500 or more books you receive a 15% premium. That would be Forty-five percent (45%)!  You order the number of books you need, collect the money, and pay the reduced price for the books. You don't even have to wait to get paid. Once you collect the money for the book order you keep your portion and send in the remaining balance. Once payment is received your order is shipped directly to you. 


                              For information about the book sale - fundraiser contact us at